"A person who lives in awareness knows what she is thinking, saying, and doing. Such a person can avoid thoughts, words, and actions that cause suffering for herself and others."

"In order to love, it is first necessary to understand. In order to attain clear understanding, it is necessary to make direct contact with life in the present moment, truly seeing what is taking place within and outside of oneself. Practicing mindfulness strengthens the ability to look deeply, and when we look deeply into the heart of anything, it will reveal itself."

"Following the meal, the Buddha was about to begin to talk, when an elderly farmer, almost out of breath, entered the hall. He was late because he'd had to search for a lost water buffalo. The Buddha could see that the old farmer had not eaten all day, and he asked that rice and curry be served to the old man before he would begin. Many people felt impatient. They did not understand why one man should be allowed to hold up the Buddha's discourse. When the farmer was finished eating, the Buddha said, "Respected Friends, if I delivered a talk while our brother was still hungry, he would not be able to concentrate. That would be a pity. There is no greater suffering than hunger. Hunger wastes our bodies and destroys our well-being, peace, and joy."

- Old Path White Clouds